Worthwhile Information



Arabic, Berber, French, English
(Often the languages are more diverse in the larger towns/cities or the tourist areas)



The moroccan Dihram. You will get (depending on exchange rates) roughly 11 Dihram for 1 Euro.



Dry, arid and semi-tropical.



All european citizens can apply for a three months visa in Morocco.


Apart from people with pre-booked holiday/tours passports are a necessity. This applies to those planning to travel further through Morocco. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.


From “A” to “B”


Buses drive from Tamraght main road. They are all together a trust worthy transport system and are a cheap way to travel



The old Mercedes Taxis drive to the regional areas around Taghazout and can also be found at the market place

where the small red taxis are only for central areas in town and hold maximum three people.

Tipp: Ask for a shared taxi! You may have to squeeze 4 people into the back but you will pay max. 10 dhs per person.


Car Rental

Is definitely the most expensive way to travel in Morocco. For approx. 350 dhs per day you can have a Dacia Logan.

The price of fuel is roughly 10 dhs/litre. Tipp: Have a look at our tours. Book the package with the tour that suits you and travel more comfortable.



Basically every price is negotiable. It depends on what options and time you give the seller.

First you will be confronted with this situation at the airport.

Generally merchands, artists and craftsmen will try till the very last second to make you buy their products.

Whenever you are being hasselt too much simply say „Shoukran La“ which means „no thanks“.

Also look them in the eyes and show them respectfully you are not interested in buying anything.

However besides the chaotical way of shopping the Moroccan life style is an incredibly interesting

one and its people also have unknown stories to tell.

Drinking alcohol in public is only allowed where it is sold.

Therefore walking in the streets with a bottle of wine or beer is prohibited in these areas.

Visitors should respect the culture of Morocco as there is a focus on what people (especially women) wear.

So try and do not show too much skin but wear light but long clothes.



EXTRAS We can organise Massage appoints for guests or a typical moroccan Hammam.

We can also easily organise your rental car for a short time e.g. for one day.

last but not least, we can organize a trip to discover paradise valley with a beautiful hike or by bike.